Walkera QR X350 Pro Review

Walkera QR X350 Pro

In my earlier evaluation of the Walkera QR X350 Pro, I’d provided my first thoughts of Walkera’s entry level 350-dimension quadcopter. Many of it were great but that has been almost three months past, and because then I’ve had a few extremely interesting encounters with it, finishing in a dramatic accident several days ago which led to near to $300 in damages and a destroyed quad.

Suffice to say, my experience of possessing the X350 Pro is not all rosy of traveling it, and even though my first thoughts of it were great, 90 days have shown defects which were not apparent at first.

Inferior Implementation of AutoPilot

In the first place, the APM-centered Devo M trip control which comes with the Pro is apparently a botched-up variant of the APM that is first by ArduPilot. My first difficulties using the X350 Pro based on its unpredictable flight behavior which often occurs after I changed around with a few guidelines that were easy in Mission Planner like the RTL peak. After-hours of studying, I discovered that additional X350 Pro proprietors also have experienced the same issues and that I was.

In the event you happen to be confronting the same problem with flight behavior that is unpredictable after tweaking about in Mission Planner, the lone way to bring back your Pro that is X350 right back to factory settings will be to weight the initial parameter listing that will be on the RCGroups newsgroup. To recover the initial listing, join your X350 Pro to Mission Planner (without joining the battery). Click the Config/Adjusting tablature in choose “Full Parameter List.” and Mission Planner In the Full Parameter List display, click on Weight that is “ ” to load the parameter record that is first. Variables in the initial checklist that is significantly different from your present guidelines are going to be highlighted in eco-friendly. This gives a visible concept of how different your listing is the one that is first to you. Select “Write” to over-write the variables in your Pro after packed. Unless there’s some equipment harm or calibration issue after renewed your X350 Pro should soar correctly.

My Devo M flight that is poorly broken operator. The M that is Devo is the chief perpetrator of several X350 Pro accidents besides pilot problem.
My Devo M flight that is poorly broken operator. The M that is Devo is the chief perpetrator of several X350 Pro accidents besides pilot problem.
The typical guidance today for just about any X350 Pro proprietor is that this — use Mission Planner that is just for no Thing otherwise and way-point navigation unless you happen to be an ArduPilot programmer and understand just what you’re do-ing. Any effort to modify around along with your quad’s variables, actually fundamental ones, may bring about an X350 Pro that won’t travel correctly. It appears the trigger of the issue is how Walkera executed the APM-centered M that is Devo trip operator. Some APM attributes changed about with, which suggests the Devo M trip control will not act like additional flight remotes that utilize APM Autopilot Suite or incorrectly have both been closed.

Reduced Voltage Cutoff — the X350 Pro’s Suicide Feature

Maybe the many crucial defects in the X350 Pro is its Low Voltage Cutoff (LVC) attribute that has been attributed by innumerable X350 Pro proprietors for creating their quads to accident or decrease quickly from your oxygen. Paradoxically, the attribute was designed to avoid harm by stopping batteries from over-firing. Both Pro and the X350 are recognized to accident on account of problems using the LVC.…